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This is not necessarily one of my favourite posts, but it is the one which started it all! I had just discovered that I, like all the best people, Honoria and Sandra included, am an INFJ. And yet despite this, the market has not yet revisited April market peaks. Nothing changes folks. POST:Sentiment in the dollar is low. Here is a little baby card that I made a while back. Home Based Business vs. Family Time Ironically, most of us got into the home based business world because we wanted to have more time with family. So how is it that we sometimes have less time? Let's take a look and see what can be done about it. The promise of having more time with family is one of the major attractions for a home based business, but time has to be carefully managed and guarded. You have a finite amount of hours available to you, but here are some suggestions. You can return quite a few phone calls in an hour and it would probably be uninterrupted.

A home based business can have a remote office! Another strategy is to take mass transit if you normally drive.

courtesy of on. cc courtesy of mingpao. She played an highly intelligent police officer who went undercover as a pseudo model. She appeared in six costumes like maid, school girl, and kitchen goddess.

The maid costume was the most memorable for Wong Yuen Chi.

She got her inspiration online, imagining herself with a toothache, stomach ache, back ache and others. After many laborious weeks of intense training, my brother Nick ran the London Marathon yesterday. He has updated his blog with an account of his heroic day: LINK. I started by picking four shades of blue card of varying hues to use. I cut them into two inch strips then tore the paper on one of the sides.

I used a piece of copy paper to keep the thickness to a minimum and I taped them onto the copy paper with the torn edges showing on all of them.

Using the solid die shape from the Les Papillons one set, I cut three apertures, slightly moving the shape to give a floating feeling to the butterflies. I backed my aperture with a piece of white glitter card to add a bit of the bling showing through my butterflies. Remember, you will also have three butterfly shapes that have a matching look to them that you can use on another card too. On a piece of coconut white card, I stamped my sentiment using a black archival ink pad. I glued my aperture to my white background card to the side of my sentiment. I used my fingers to roll the edges of the torn pieces of card to add some texture and interest to my card too. I added this piece with some foam to a double white mat with a pierced edge to finish my card. This would work well in any colour scheme or even with flower dies too. Resmen uykusuzluktan bayıldı kaldı. Ayşecim, haklısın. Şükretmem lazım. Ne kadar zor geçse de günler. O yüzden kaldırdım alttaki yazıyı. Meet Luther the lap-pig. Pigs smile. Which is what happened yesterday. Hardly surprising given all the things these guys get into! Her eye was swollen shut, so I called our new friends, the vets at Vankleek Hill Veterinary Services.

We have now seen four of their vets, all on pig matters.

It does not guarantee that a prospect is going to be a superstar but it opens up a window for us to gain an insight as to what the possibilities that the prospect might offer. We have all seen what happens when teams rush prospects to the NHL before they are ready and the damages that can result to their development. We have no control over what the NHL teams do but we do know that if we use this as a way of gauging a prospect's potential then we can gain important insights that otherwise we might take for granted. Marilyn showed me this darling quilt that she made from the book. She used the new beautiful fabrics in at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. You will love Gabby's Theme Prints from Bambini Fabrics. Don't miss them! They are on the shelf beneath the counter!NOTICE: Another date/time has been added for the Quilt Block Cookbook BOM. We have added an evening session for this new group. m. m. Luxor Times MagazineI hadn't realized that Luxor Times is a printed and published magazine for sale in Luxor - I saw a pile of current and back issues at Gaddis, in front of the Winter Palace. Dr. When things lighten up, I'll probably get back to it. But in the meantime, here's another. gif that I've found on Tumblr and I'd LOVE to find the video associated with this! Holy fuck, I hope this scene is as hot as this. gif is. Does anyone know what this video is?. This is Lincoln playing army man. Army man with a binky. He's not the prisoner He's the soldier. Except he's not sure he's doing it correctly. you know, fly under the radar, remain in the shadows, and find the cracks to slip through. Another shawl. I'm sure this one will, too. It was wound in a ball, and the outside layers of it, the pink faded a bit. You can see it, along the edge: Still, for years-old hand dyes, that's not bad.

I've started on the Watson Scarf.

Johns Booksellers in North Portland. I'll read other stuff too. It'll be fun. I'd love to meet you. New Zealand is not in its original condition. The flora and fauna have been reengineered in the typical clodhopper human fashion. Our species loves to tinker with things as though we were polishing the good china with a backhoe. The birds strolled past each other in grand profusion, with nothing to worry about but thigh-feather abrasion. A depressingly thick tome The first humans that arrived found them delicious and a lot of fun to kill, and promptly wiped out the biggest ones. Varmt i været, sluttet av uken har vart rene sydentemperaturer, i hvert fall for et frosset nordisk hjerte. Det innebærer vanning. Jeeg liker ikke å vanne, er mye bedre på og gladere i å luke/ rense ugress. Føler meg litt som Depardieu i Jean de Florette, der hvor han låper rundt i bergen i høye Provanse og prøver å berge sine grønnsakser fra tørke. Det vokser videre i plantekassene. Bærbuskene begynner å få mere blad så snart kan ingen se gjennom hekkene. Fikk svar fra hagepraten om min hypping av poteter. Pløtslig så skjønte jeg ikke noe om odlingen. Do you remember when I wrote this gardening post? Well, this book is going to teach you how to get the garden in some of those posted pictures! This is a great book. Boris says no to parks smoking ban: "To ban people from doing something that is legal in a big open space is taking bossiness too far. Lord Narzi and Sally Davies effectively signalled to thousands of society's most vile that hyperbolic hatred was officially sanctioned by the authorities. A writer in the Metro considered he'd been given the green light to refer to smokers as "dis-gus-ting!". I know because I'm one of them. I think smoking is one of the most revolting things devised by humanity. It’s worse than that, though, because of the unpleasant knowledge that the stink of their revolting habit has passed through their tar-encrusted innards before washing all over you. You may remember that our Phil was seriously questioning government funding of ASH a couple of weeks ago. Philip Davies MP, said: "It is perfectly clear from the bid documents from ASH for Government funding that some of this money is used by ASH for campaigning activity to lobby the Government to implement ASH's demands. "For the Government to in effect spend money to lobby itself is ridiculous and unjustifiable in equal measure. This improper funding relationship should stop and the Government should investigate this and any other similar arrangements to ensure taxpayers' money is not abused in this way". You'll be pleased to know he hasn't left it there either. Earlier this week saw the publication of a written parliamentary question probing further. Advocacy work in support of the implementation of existing Government Tobacco Control policies and programmes of work is acceptable. It is Saturday and I wanted to pop in a bit early to wish you all a Happy Mother's day! I think these cards I created for Crafty Secret's blog fit the bill! I started off with inspirational images from the Birds and Blooms creative scraps. which you can now get in a digital set! I also fussy cut the ONE FOND HEART banner from The Mini Vintage Creative Scraps. The chipboard heart is actually covered in bingo cards from the Creating with retro Christmas line. I love how you can pick and choose and work different themes together. I'm not going to lie, I love stalking real estate listings in the best neighborhoods of Charlotte. It's really fun seeing other pictures from a home that's in House Beautiful. It's not what we say about our blessings but how we use them, that is the true message of our Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving preparations. This method, known as the “originate to distribute model,” resulted in loosen guidelines. The result was casual underwriting, less oversight, and more aggressive financing, which ultimately led to a lot of bad loans being made. The incentive to approve the loan was much, much greater than declining it. But the wind made some drifts almost as tall as I am!! Yogi really wanted to get out there in it. Spinners flying, an iconic and influential futuristic vehicle designed by Syd Mead. g. It still does. The Big Jobs Fuck When language speaks louder than words. In his ongoing quest to leech every erg of heat or interest out of everything he writes, Mr. Brooks has once again published a column about some stuff he read about neuroscience which, he opines, may be important or may not be important or may not be as important as some people think or may not be important now but may lead to something important later on. Or maybe not. No one is really sure. A sample: "A glass of water may be more meaningful to you when you are dying of thirst than when you are not. " Another sample: "The next time somebody tells you what a brain scan says, be a little skeptical. The brain is not the mind. " And of course what would a David Brooks column be without a big steaming dollop of Brooks-brand contractually-obligated pedantic Centrism? "These two forms of extremism are refuted by the same reality.

" So, is another insipid David Brooks embarrassment.

I was just watching Rumble Fish again and man is it a great movie.

Graffiti on the tunnel wall reads "The Motorcycle Boy Reigns. " Lobby cards are from an Ebay auction.

The girls and I were out of town for a few weeks back in June.

We arrived home to this surprise from Razor. Isn't he cool? And isn't this flag cool too? The dogs? Underfoot while I tried to take photos? Not so cool. -dana. Papertake 'Scrap' ChallengeThe challenge at Papertake this week is to use up some of your scraps. I have made a flowerpot card using some scraps of Bazzill spotty card and Pebbles Inc papers. I have embossed some of te flowers with the Cuttlebug and embossing folders. SuppliesStamp: Penny BlackTools: EK Success Punches, SU Punch, Ribbon, Gems, CuttlebugDP: Pebbles Inc, Bazzill. Which Version Would You Choose? The cover for The Anne Marie has been designed by the publisher, Israel was given two versions and I was wondering which one you liked better? I am partial to the one with the lighthouse on the back, but consider which one might grab your attention better. This is his first book, and he is so excited about it! Just want it to be the best it can be. Let me know which cover you like better! or better yet, let Israel Parker know! Visit his blog. Here is Israel Parker with his original. She's a resident of Rose Valley and a Delaware County regional fave. She's also been seen here in "Oklahoma", "Spring Awakening", "Peter Pan", and as the Wicked Witch in our mainstage production of "The Wizard of Oz". .