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I like good rope, and am loathe to ever cut it. But sometimes, like the guys in Boondock Saints, you're not just real sure why you bring the rope. Initially I thought that I might use it for all the cattle that I seemed to have to chase, but I learned that without a horse, you might as well try to put a rope around a whitetail deer's neck as a semi-feral cow of any breed. And Texan though I might well be, I can't honestly say that I'm much of a throw with a lariat.

But that's about it.

The secondary use, I did use it a lot for: clearing road blockages. I don't know what it is about tulle skirts. I see them everywhere I look. Online, that is. I'm thinkin' this will never happen. HT: MakeZine. Where we go before the club.

Watch: Leaping lions have giant cat toy Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld.

My Modern Dear Jane is moving along nicely. Straight from a fairy talevia. RUSH versus SAVAGE: It's about entertainment more than just mere politics. Just as I'm about to proclaim Savage the King, he wanes on me and is blase. Speaking of which. A good reason why conservative radio dominates the terrestrial landscape is that it is far more entertaining than the dullness of "progressive radio. Another case in point is Stephanie Miller. Miller has turned into the left-wing version of Mark Levin and Sean Hannity, what I like to refer as "Groundhog Day" Radio.

The film also includes the best film.

watch streaming movies online free trailer below and also watch full length Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Megavideo streaming movie on HD without investigation. Thanks to everyone putting Willow Tit records onto this blog - much appreciated. But in 'corpse medicine' - the idea of treating ills by swallowing body parts and fluids - a little sweetener wouldn't make a blind bit of difference. First up is Mummy Powder, which was purported to be the ground up remains of the ancient kings of Egypt.

One thing I love/hate about Photoshop is coloring.

I swear unto the gods, I sometimes get a piece right, and other times, I loathe the hell out of it. I read tutorial after tutorial and feel like I'll never get "up to speed" on digital painting. Some of the dimensions were specifically for my Encyclopedia Britannica. It now contains most of my hardback collection and odd-sized books. Plus knick-knacks. This lot represents a bit less than half of the books I currently own. ". In his lab at MIT, biological engineer Christopher Voigt has modified bacteria in agar to act like the light-sensitive silver halide crystals in gelatin emulsion on photographic film. He has hacked a harmless strain of Escherichia coli so that it produces black pigment when left in darkness or remains transparent when exposed to red light. He and his team modified the E. The image is obtained by shining the red light through a printed transparency taped to the bottom of the petri dish. Habits are first cobwebs, then cables. All I did was make a bunch of origami paper flowers I blogged earlier and then glued those together around yarn. I then attached them to a stick I found out in my neighborhood. Voila! You have a beautiful eye-catching piece. It really is so easy. So sit down start folding those petals and before you know it your wall will be covered with a touch of pretty whimsy. Happy crafting!. Here in "Hollywood South", we have top of the line ads. Roll and stretch the dough to desired size. I actually like to use the bottom of my cookie sheet.

Remove the crust from the oven and spread your favorite BBQ sauce- I like to use a natural, fat free, gluten free and low sugar sauce but you would never know because it's SO TASTY!Add diced chickenand red onions.

Looks like that bunny I mentioned in last week's post is still at it - painting everything in sight! I love that new set Love You Sew and couldn't resist doing one more painted card. Here it is and yes it is still available on Amazon! Our resident artist Jen Timko has a great sketch for us this week at Freshly Made Sketches - join us! . Can't believe February is almost here, Tomorrow the Super Bowl. I am not a big football fan so I will snuggle away in my craft room for the day. I finally got this little project done today. A sweet red and aqua pocket full of fun baking goodies. little tags, baking images, antique bingo chip and vintage milk caps. Lots of fun things married together. How was your weekend? My Saturday was spent in the hurried crowds.

last minute grabs for pencils, pens, and peachies.

I really wonder WHY I attempt Walmart at all. I felt like I had been thrown into a lion's den. Actually I think a lion would be more polite than some of the people I came across. Luckily I only had a few things to get and my son and I were out of Dodge! Our plan was to finish school clothes shopping. From David P in NC. Someone is going off script. with Arthur Bros. Cicus. Ma quanto mi ha aiutato Roxy a confezionare questo ' cubo' con le immagini vintage!!!!. E' tutto per oggi, il lavoro mi aspetta. Un abbraccio a tutti voi che passate da qui!! Very busy in doing new goodies for Riso & Rose show next week.

Hello Ai friends and happy Monday! Are you ready for the holidays? As for me, I'm working hard on some Christmas cards.

I only used the front of the adorable penguins. Then adhered on to the card. Tsukikage are rotund, purple ninjas from the Kirby series, papercraft created by Sabidiet. A little spot of batch card making for you today, my Mum needed some thank you cards making and these are what I came up with! I have a HUGE obsession with First Edition Patterned papers and have used them on these cards To be honest the fuse machine and dies do most of the work here as they die cut and letterpress in one pass so I have just had to put the card together really! So there was a batch of pink ones. .

He is an army crawler and walks with a walker toy assistingHe has taken a few unassisted steps.

David Weigel has a good article at the Washington Post about the ongoing battle between Rubio and Trump. The article includes videos of some recent ads being run against Trump on Rubio's behalf.

What I want to focus on here, though, is how the article closes:And the scale of Rubio’s challenge was evident just hours later, when a much larger crowd filed into the Cox Convention Center, half a mile away.

A significant reeducation campaign would need to be implemented before they stopped thinking of Trump as a bar-brawling friend of the working man. Asked about the Rubio attacks, Trump supporters either said the endorsement of Trump by Gov. J. Dividing Papers into Plastic Bagswhen I work, I need to keep the papers divided by color so that I can easily find the "brushstroke" I am looking for. When we stop and I set up to work, I can just fluff the papers back up. For my work, it does not matter if the paper is folded or wrinkled or crushed, and once you press the air out of from between the sheets, it actually packs down pretty small. Happy Wednesday everyone!!! I am a layout lover, but I also do a lot of cards. .