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, and Fairmont, Minn. Surging corn costs suggest that the debt-riddled ethanol producer will be struggling just to keep the two plants online. It contains information on ever aspect of repair. Folks on the Houseboat Forum were excited when someone proposed a gathering in Florida in November. Since it was just the three of us, we decided to get together sooner and closer. I posted our intentions along with an invite, but the only one on the board that replied was Lee. He’d like to stop by even though his boat wasn’t yet water ready. Ugly Duckling had been recently purchased/retrieved from California and had not yet been in the water after years of storage. Although I've been busy at work for the past couple of days, I've been itching to discuss the What Happens When a Bank Goes Out of Business post at The Finance Buff blog, which reminded me of my experience with a bank failure. When I was in college, I had a checking and credit card accounts at the now defunct Bank of New England. I wasn't aware that they were having financial problems until I had my Bank of New England credit card rejected when I was making a purchase one day.

Since I always paid my credit card bill in full each month, I attributed the rejection to a technical glitch and headed to the ATM machine at a nearby Bank of New England branch to withdraw some cash.

I began to realize that this wasn't just a technical glitch when my ATM card was also rejected and I had no way to get to my money. Once I got home, I saw the reports on the news about the collapse of the Bank of New England. To make things worse, this was happening not long after after the "RISDIC" banking crisis in Rhode Island, which caused a lot of people to lose access to their savings. Much to my surprise, a few days later my local Bank of New England branch became a Fleet Bank branch and my credit and ATM cards worked! The FDIC did its job by stepping in and protecting depositors and facilitating the sale of the Bank of New England's assets. Youtube or original player ETA: First part of the interview from a different angleYour browser does not support frames. For his Super Hero series, Agan Harahap inserts the likes of Superman, Batman, and Darth Vader into historical photos. LauraRose does not have tatting to share but she shows us a picture of a stand her son made her for making bobbin lace. Linda shows us a butterfly that she tatted using a pattern by Rosemarie Peel. Krystle received a very thoughtful surprise as a baby shower gift and that was vintage tatting patterns. It is always nice when the mom gets a gift. Join us for this engaging CLE intended to assist you with building a successful law firm.


Prior to starting his own firm, Jeff was an attorney in the tax practice group at Lane Powell PC. HetrickBy: DechertCredit: CLE credit is pending in CA, NJ, NY and PA. Cost: No charge More Information And Registration. You can bookmark this page URL. What would Congress do if:Economic Sense Over Political Posturing That's not really outside-the-box thinking. It is market-driven economics. Your creditors set your loan limits. They do so based on assessment of risk. You determine whether it is a sound fiscal decision whether to spend more or less and whether you can tolerate more or less debt. If your determinations are irresponsible your credit rating suffers.

That is the constraint on your behavior.

You have to make choices. Choices have consequences. Bad choices have unpleasant consequences. "Morning Coffee" by junecraft. amarnatrust. amarnaproject. Again it will be devoted entirely to the survey of the remains of the ancient city of Amarna using non-intrusive geophysical equipment. The same teaching team as last year, from the University of Arkansas, will be giving the instruction, but this time it will run under the auspices of the Institute for Field Research that is based in Los Angeles. The scholarships aim to train workers and specialists in the council on the latest methods in the field of archeological work, in order to learn new artistic skills. SCA General Secretariat Mostafa Amin said these scholarships are a prelude to cooperation between the council and the German Institute for Antiquities. He said the scholarships will benefit the field of maintaining Egyptian antiquities, either by documentation, restoration or archaeological findings which add historical facts to the ancient Egyptian civilization. More stream of alleged consciousness, since apparently you guys are entertained. So I went downstairs to the second fridge to get the turkey, looked, and it weighed half what I thought it did. Back upstairs again without the turkey! And I'm back to a couple hours' cook time. Eeesh. Now I'll have time to knock out the from-scratch lemon meringue pie I was supposed to get to yesterday. Don't feel sorry for me. We're deep in the midst of birthday celebrations here.

The Baby doesn't turn two until September, but this is when everyone could get leave, and drive down to visit, and so this is when we're celebrating.

Last night, we had the birthday dinner, with cupcakes. The cupcakes are a traditional recipe from my family. I topped them with icing made with Bailey's Irish Creme. YouTube link. oddstuffmagazine. Look, frankly I kind of still can't bear to think about the nightmarethat was Katrina. I've assiduously avoided as best I could all reference to it this past week. It ain't been easy. Let's remember the good times:. These tiny thiefs were caught on tape stealing ice cream treats. My latest online class is underway and so far it is one of my favorites! My husband Andy and I have teamed to create a fun little class all about bringing your art to life. From drawing people to painting abstract to doodles and pattern, we have put together a class full of our favorite tips, shortcuts, techniques and inspiration for breathing life into a variety of subject matter. While I can't share everything from the class I did want to give a little peek into Andy's lesson on shading. In fact it is easier for him to work in a realistic style than in an expressive and messy way- crazy right?!! Because most of his subject matter revolves around portraits and figure drawings, he depends on traditional and classic shading techniques to bring his drawings to life. For example- when shading with a pencil you are able to blend things together. When shading with a pen you have to utilize lots of light layers of lines to get the effect of shading. darker, smooth vs. Keep the tones of your shading the same by applying the same pressure on your drawing tool. In some ways it feels like FOREVER and other ways, I feel like it's all a new experience. I guess it is in a way. every year there are new kids, new teachers, and new curriculum. I think that's part of the appeal to teaching English. If only the Congress had a pair of balls. Stay safe.

In a Small World Atop a windy cliffside in Shetland, a camera hides.

So unobtrusive as to be unnoticed by passersby, it constantly records the scenery in real time, affording views that are sometimes sunny, sometimes stormy, always wild and windy. For someone like myself, who has climbed the hills of Shetland, this is a grand gift and one that I open every single day just by switching on my laptop. I close my eyes and listen to the seabirds, hear the waves crashing below, and I am instantly transported back to this wonderful island. As I gazed at this view yesterday - listening to the roar of the sea, watching the wind push white clouds across a summer blue sky - I heard voices. Heavy footfalls of climbers, getting louder as they approached the hidden camera. A couple of masculine exasperated sighs and indistinct muttering, and then, quite clearly, a woman’s voice…. The sounds of these two dwindled as they walked on away from the site, leaving me amused and amazed. Today a guy from the mission here took us to the airport to rent the car Paul had reserved for us. We got a ride with the ones taking today's shift to Blossom. On the way, I discovered that Amy, who had sounded so confident that she could drive on the left side, which had made me delighted to get the car in her name, actually never had yet, but she was sure it would be ok. I had been warned that they would want me to buy insurance and I should say no. The tall Jamaican lady said I had to buy insurance.

I said no I do not.

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So apart from the quiz questions. what questions do you have for us today?. This post is by guest writer, Bel. Bel's blog is here. Through time and across cultures, the menstrual cycle has been sacred and taboo, celebration and woe. In our society, menstruation is generally treated as an inconvenient condition. ‘The curse’ sentiment lingers while our negativity toward our monthly bleeding shapes our daughters’ expectations. In order to feel good about our bodies and their natural processes we need to accept and love ourselves as we are. If it weren’t for menstruation, there would be no human life. Modern advertising for disposable menstrual items focuses on the products, not the physical, spiritual and emotional process that is our cycle. So beautiful and so easy to make with the Dragonfly Dreams bundle! you can see all the card kit details here: Card/Project Kits. Merci Kay !. EVERY FACES. Flamingo Hotel & Casino. Issa asked questions that I'd really like to hear answers to. This smells like the back side of The Yards in Chicago. Darlings, CC has recently rediscovered JC Penney. Just look at these beautiful sundresses! All dresses at jcpenney. I want to show you another way to use your copic markers that is easy and a lot less work than colouring a stamped image from scratch. As most of us would know, there is a huge range of beautiful patterned paper out there just waiting for the creative souls among us to rip it, ink it, trim it, adhere it, stitch it, fold it, emboss it. and enhance it's pattern with copics!Firstly, find a patterned paper that has a large print, such as flowers, leaves, hearts, etc. , preferably without too much shading, as that's the enhancing part of this tutorial. Hit the Follies yesterday, then, woke up this morning and hit the Indy gun show then back to the Follies tomorrow. It was great meeting up with my brother and Og. It was a really nice day. Got to catch up and visit, and see lots of guns and accessories. Kept it cheap today. I only bought a gun case for my AR and some smoked cheese and meats. I did manage to get out without snagging some chocolate. I checked out the bump fire kit for the AR. A couple of the kids at work keep looking at them and had some questions. I did find out that they will work with the. .