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A lazy August day.

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All around us, everywhere we could look, nature is at work in its continuous life and death struggle for survival.

It is well known, and well documented for many decades, that pancreatic cancer is often extremely aggressive and detected relatively late due to lack of early symptoms. Its detection should lead to aggressive treatment ASAP, such as radiation/chemotherapy or the Whipple procedure, if the person is to survive. nurture debate? Make sure you use specific examples from the reading, and provide an example from a research study supporting the opinion you are presenting. I was asked to crochet a blanket for a little girl's bed. this is what I came up with. A woman who wanted to turn in a number of grenades belonging to a deceased friend drove them to the Plantation Key jail Saturday. When she arrived, deputies had to cordon off the parking lot and surrounding area until the Bomb Squad could arrive and determine whether or not they were dangerous. Bomb Squad Technician Sgt. Michael DiGiovanni responded to the Plantation Key jail and secured the four devices, which turned out to be inert military-style smoke grenades. Sgt. DiGiovanni would like to remind people if they find such devices, not to try to transport them to the Sheriff’s Office. Instead, call us and, for safety reasons, the Sheriff’s Office will respond to the location where they are found. “You never know if these types of devices are explosive, and you never know how unstable they might be,” he said. Today my little sidekick and I stopped by my grandparents home to get some pictures of my grandma and some of her quilts. These are just some of my favorites, but I've got lots of pictures to share, so let's get started. It's in great condition and is hand quilted with a scalloped border. She's got it on her bed for Spring. I just fell in love when I saw it. Then we ventured into her sewing room to see some of her works in progress.

These blocks on the chair above are for her most recently started project.

A replica of an antique quilt.

They are the last to get their leaves in the spring.

They are in bud forever. Their real name is Quercus macrocarpa. They are in the white oak family. They provide heavy shade all summer. Shade that is ten degrees cooler than the temperatures in town. Have you ever wondered about the sex life of a Burr Oak? Well just incase you have, I can tell ya all about it. The Oaks are monoecious, which means they bear both male and female “flowers” on the same tree. I like Carolyn Tyler. She delivers a quality, interesting, straight-forward Sunday-morning newscast on the local TV news deli. She's versatile, she's a veteran and she's been in the Bay Area for multiple decades and has several industry awards on her resume. A few months ago I asked Tyler herself about whether she was happy with her current status and she told me that she was. Again, many a times I thought Tyler would be a solid news anchor at night. It's OK, Sunday morning works just fine and is a nice local newscast for sure. Bazu and I have been bloggy friends since way back, so I figured it'd be something similar. I really love blogging, and being a part of the vegan blog universe!!Thanks for reading, friends!& now.

for the food - this time it's all made by Guest Chef: my awesome Mom.

I noticed a link at the top of the page that said, "Write For Us. " That took me to the umbrella site called "Green Options" and to a way to apply to be a contributor. I filled it out with full disclosure that I have been working for decades on many of the technologies that bloggers on the site distrust. I didn't hear anything until July and was surprised that they were inviting me to contribute to Sustainablog. One wonders if the campaign genius in the White House can discern a cause/effect relationship anywhere. Note particularly the last paragraph in that Rasmussen report. The Messiah always polls more poorly when the poll is conducted of "Likely Voters" rather than simply respondents. In simpler words, people who can read and write are less likely to buy into the propaganda machine. Isn't contrast great? Traditional vs. modern. You will find yer fancy party/dancin' clothes, feathers, fur, shiny stuff - whatever your heart desires. It's all right here. In fact, earlier this year I even found a rinestone-studded leather riding crop. Follow, enjoy and reblog me at Cool-BEAR. tumblr. Researchers at the Mummy Project-Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan, Italy, established that one of Min's priests at Akhmim, Ankhpakhered, was not resting peacefully in his finely painted sarcophagus. He's using a Nasal Ranger. I didn't know there were such devices, discussed here, but it makes sense. Photo credit Mark Peterson/Redux, via Politico. They're both pretty and freaky. Here is herwebsite. Banning smoking in your own home was always on the agenda - but the assault begins this year. Official. Well, DUH! Stay safe. Open your web. config file and add the following section inside the system. Talk, no change on Pacific climate change - NZ Politics newsMr Key met with US Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on Friday, with climate change and the conflict in Syria topping their agenda. "It's obvious when you fly in that it's very vulnerable to climate change, to sea level rise, you see as you fly into the airport sandbags from the last inundation that occurred," Mrs Jewell told New Zealand media.

Male voters: bottom.

Female voters: bottom. Master Roshi paper model depicting his Maximum Power form from the Dragon Ball series. Of my Sail Away Cruise Special. Lots of different card styles, maybe some scrap pages and possibly some home decor. you will see it all! Each stop on the tour will have a link to find the next blog. Just keep hopping from blog to blog, enjoying tons of new ideas!How about some Great Blog Candy & Tour PRIZES offered exclusively from me!!!Sign up to receive my e-newsletter with the box on the left and you will be entered into a drawing for a FREE Stampin' Up! Holiday stamp set. The dead man's hand is a two-pair poker hand, namely "aces and eights". Other — ADAM WEST, EMERGE, EERIE and ERIE, GOES ON, MADOFF, PEA GREEN, STATUTES, THE DOW, THE HAGUE. Five-letter — AARON, ACT UP, ADOBE, ADULT, ALLAN, A RUSH, ASKEW, DEPTS, EDIFY, ETHAN, GELID, HDTVS, HELEN, “I HAVE my reasons“, JONAH, KNIFE, LET ME, LHASA, MAYOR, NAG AT, OCHRE, OMAHA, PALAU, SHIMS, SHONE, SPRAY, TORII. Short stuff — ABLE, AJA, ALMS, ARR, Tel AVIV, BMI, CIA, DOC and DOH, “Whatcha DOIN’?”, GAB, GTO, HALT, IPO, KAYO, KEY, LAMP, LAVS, LED, MIR, MUTT, NEDS, NEY, NICE, “Hmm, that’s ODD”, RADS, SAKE, SANS, SHAH, SHOD, SPAR, TOTE, UNE. Buy four, get one free! Works are signed on the back and displayed anonymously. Artists' name revealed only after purchase. Your only chance to get a sneak peek at the entire show! No sales, but one lucky raffle winner selects the first postcard. Special hosts: The Imperial Court of New York. Plus a silent art auction. Wine courtesy of Wine & Spirits Magazine. Hello, My Friends! It's not too late to make some Valentines. Here are some idea from The Stamps of Life Gallery.

Happy Stamping!.

ours doesn't look quite like these stacks. Inspirational Quote of the Day: "Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount. " - Clare Boothe Luce There is no doubt that our nation's security and defeating terrorism trump all other priorities. The day starts off right with a residual NW swell coupled with NE winds making the peak of the wave shatter and shine. Small fun rides are everywhere as people start to crowd the open waters. CHANNEL: Mid-tide messing with the sand bars as it's had to relocate after the severe high and low tide swings. Long logs make long stylish rides possible. It's kind-of hard to see the edges, but the scalloped valance for the baby's room is still on my design wall. I had hoped to finish it yesterday, but loaded a quilt and quilted instead. It's only because of the split of duties that resulted after the dust cleared after the end of the attempted Republican coup that there would be any question now as to who will decide on behalf of that body who will operate the racino at Aqueduct. Besides the fact that the involvement of the erratic and scandal-tinged Espada would have added an element of unpredictability to the proceedings that we certainly don't need. It would be sad to conclude that the gridlock that crippled the legislature for more than four weeks was entirely due to Espada's quest to gain power, but it's hard to disregard that notion after his flip-flop-flip which has left him as Majority Leader. And Senator Smith came into his office speaking of reform, but didn't follow through. Go here for a news report about the concerns expressed by two researchers from Harvard and an audio interview with one of the authors. Their concern is that with low cost medications often paid for in cash that the data bases used for various purposes will be even less reliable that they are currently. These data bases are used for such things as pay-for-performance and various programs which purport to be quality improvement efforts. I find myself with little sympathy for what they claim is a dark lining in an otherwise silver cloud of cheaper medications and will have even less for the "solutions" that may fix the "problem". .