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The way of the young.

In this case, young crocodiles. That you can drive, have sex, get married and go to war whilst still a "child" is just to highlight our decidedly convoluted views on these matters. Childhood was once a matter of biology. Post-puberty opened the doors to vistas of sweeping chimneys and vanishing down coal mines, proudly sporting long trousers and a waistcoat. Examine early photographs and children look like miniature adults. Some even sported pipes, and the only way to identify the father in family photos was by the walrus moustache. In a long, stuttering reaction against the exploitation of the young, the Victorians began to redefine childhood as a legal, political and cultural artefact. It has been a bit of a mess ever since. This busybody Act created a raft of new offences, including voyeurism and sex in public. By now I'm sure you've all heard the sad news. God bless her. I remember my first knowledge of her as a little child, from "All in the Family". and then later "Maude", which my father would always insist I turn off because he hated "that goddamn woman. " Thankfully, he fell asleep quickly during Gunsmoke and Bea was soon working her magic on me. She's continuing to work her magic on us all, I think. Thanks so much to all of you who participated in my "Ask The Farmer" post. Last night, The Farmer sat there in his favorite chair writing on a yellow lined pad for quite awhile. I typed his answers up after. Here's what we have so far for all of you, along with a few pertinent photos.

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by.

I would like to start by saying that I am not part of any group in the Bigfoot arena and I do what I do on my own. My focus is on ONE person. This person is a known hoaxer and liar.

If you're new to the world of Bigfooting, do yourself a favor, don't believe anything this person says.

Time and time again he has been shown to be fraudulent. a smile is contagious. This dahlia is definitely bold enough to stand on its own but I thought a pop of color would really set it off! Using a split panel technique I saw on Maile Belles' blog allowed me to insert a strip of Hello Honey designer paper behind the white cardstock which is popped up on dimensionals. The dahlia is stamped on the white which has been trimmed out very carefully with paper snips and paper trimmer. And "in real life" the rhinestones are a lovely shade of yellow thanks to my Blendabilities but my camera just couldn't pick that up correctly. My daughter's camera however seems to have no trouble picking up beautiful shades of yellow as you can see from this picture of a sunset in the Outer Banks! Pals Paper Arts has a wonderful color challenge for us this week. Hope you join us! . I think this belongs in the file entitled 'You'd have to be Hans Christian Andersen to make this up'. However, it lays out a number of conditions for new recruits including the ban on lighting up.

Dangerous stuff, that tobacco.

Unlike guns, explosives and all-out suicidal insurrection, of course. I guess they are waiting until all of the school focused editions are over before announcing it. We advertise on WMAL about Catholic Cemeteries, but not one word about Catholic elementary and high schools. Very Sad!. I have a theoretical question for you.

Let’s say we have a family of, oh, maybe six children.

They are busy people and they eat a lot.

But then time passes and, just hypothetically, three children move away, the mom tries to eat less sugar, one daughter goes gluten-free, and the remaining two children are picky. In theory. The dad will still snack on anything immediately visible, but nothing that requires digging or shuffling or opening of opaque containers. So one day the mom cleans out the pantry. She finds food that is not being eaten, such as, maybe, some off-brand candy bars and Oreo-type cookies. Now we assume she has felt and seen enough poverty that it horrifies her to throw food away. Via SFSignal:. I MUST add two words-Yee Haw!.

Finan / Edited by Will Shortz An innuendo is an indirect intimation about a person or thing, especially of a disparaging or a derogatory nature.

In the latter sense, the intention is often to insult or accuse someone in such a way that one's words, taken literally, are innocent. Tiffany & Co. on Post StreetOnce upon a time - a very, very long time ago - there was a young man from Mississippi named Scot. And for many, many years he worked for Ralph Lauren - designing and installing the store's display windows in the magical land of San Francisco. He was younger and thinner than he is now. But, he was full of passion and a great love of style - which he still is to this very day. Tiffany & Co. Each year he would wait.

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