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 If a Democrat doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed. If a Republican is a vegetarian, he doesn't eat meat. If a Democrat is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

We were so blessed to once again be able to spend a day with our dear friends at the Windy Bay Hutterite Colony, in Manotiba.

We sang at their colony last time we were in Manitoba and were so excited to return again this year. These people have been such a blessing to us-they roll out the red carpet for our family and include us in everything, making us feel so at home and such a part of their colony while we are there. Above photo. they cleared out their colony laundromat for us and then several ladies basically did all of our laundry. So sweet. Jane is still working with pearl tatting and tatted Mark Myers Elegant Heart. The idea of making a string of hearts is Gina Butler's but she used folded rings instead of dimple rings and she's thinking of adding beads between the hearts to make a dangle that will hang well. Lelia received this lovely bookmark in the mail from Denise. It's Jon's heart pattern with a row of split rings added to make a bookmark. Marta created a pretty necklace with sky blue beads and ecru thread. g. via the superb streetracker blog i saw all these amazing pictures on eddie boomhowers siteVan. Van. Van. Van. Van. Van. Van. Van. Van. In the WSJ today, a letter to the editor was published extolling the major strides made by the U. S. Health IT problems seem unfortunately universal - ed. In the U. S. Army in Europe, we are taking the concept a little further, from "what the doctor is really thinking" to "what the doctor is saying. " For the last two years, we have been evaluating voice-recognition technology to improve the provider's experience with our electronic medical record. During the process, we came across a wonderful discovery: As doctors dictate medical notes into the record during patient visits, patients are paying much more attention to what doctors are saying, prompting them to ask important follow-up questions, add statements about something else that may be bothering them, or, most importantly, correcting the doctor when a dictation error is made. It's the type of patient-safety feedback loop that would otherwise be absent. etc. One writer remembers her days with a life-changing roommate Trey AnthonySpecial to the Star He moved in. A small cardboard box, neatly fit under his arm. Two sticks of celery, a loaf of brown bread and a jar of almond butter. He calmly expressed that this was all he had. All that he wanted. This was my new tenant/roommate, David. He explained to me that he was a minimalist. He believed he didn’t need to have tons of worldly possessions to make him happy. My New Year's day dinner. I sprinkle the TQ on the chops, wrap and let them chill for an hour to two depending on how thick they are.

made a batch of jalapeno cornbread.

Today's Inpsire-Me Tuesday is a little different. Today I wanted to highlight a few of my lovely readers who took my pixie tutorial and ran with it! Their darling creations really inspired me and I wanted to share them with you. Photo by Jen at Lipstick and LaundryFirst up Jen and Lipstick and Laundry. How cute is that?Photo by Megan at Little Bella Bean This cute idea came from Megan at Little Bella Bean. She took some favorite family photos and then used them on this little tinsel tree! I love the fact that she really glittered up the wings on these babies! Love them!Photos by Holly at Holly's HavenAnd last, but certainly not least, my little sis Holly at Holly's Haven. Love how she changed her pixies from Halloween pixies to Christmas angels. Lately I have been on a dedicated mission to reduce the volume of stuff in my freezer and in my pantry, and I've been making good progress. It feels so good! I had a big bag of frozen apricots from last summer - and decided that the middle of winter would be a good time to put them to use. just when you need a little seasonal pick-me-up. I made the baked oatmeal recipe from Oh She Glows, and just used my frozen apricots instead of apples and pears. SO GOOD. I also used a really nice homemade broth, which always helps with simple soup recipes like this. Tortilla Soup from Real Food Daily This was another freezer bonanza - I used cooked tomatoes, homemade tortillas, broth, and jalepenos all from the freezer to make this lovely soup. I really love this recipe. Yesterday we did an Old Favorite, and had a lunch date in downtown Santa Cruz together. Tonight we did Something Playful and went out to our favorite pizza place and played ping pong on their ping pong table!!Here we are playing ping pong together. I loved the florescent orange ball, and the wonderful "pop pop" sound of the little ball bouncing. It was super fun. Last of the breed: Legendary Frontier Marshal Bill Tilghman, a casualty of our nation's first "War on Drugs. The battle to save- erm, the battle to preserve- uhh. the battle for-. what are we all fighting for, exactly? ‎. Craziness.

Follow the links to the etsy store where you can buy 'em.

Korihor is a strange character. Behold, these things which ye call prophecies, which ye say are handed down by holy prophets, behold, they are foolish traditions of your fathers. Will and I went up to Connecticut with Moxie yesterday and took Ms. Mox out for a walk along the beach and then took Will's mom out for dinner. She was very excited for us, a little cautious because of our terrible history, but excited.

She agreed to keep the news to herself, for now, with the promise that we will tell Will's sister, whom he is close to, soon.

What a lovely photo. Credit Valery Sharifulin/Tass, via a gallery at The Guardian. I'm not familiar with the Reason-Rupe poll, but FYI here are some results as posted at Reason. The desire for “every kid to get a trophy” strongly correlates with political beliefs. This is my homily from three years ago. The Bible always condemned child-sacrifice. Recall that Abraham and his wife, Sarah,tried to have children, but could not. Yet in their old age,God promises they would have descendantslike the stars of the sky. Abraham struggles with this promise. That’s what brings us to today’s reading. Today is supposed to be my day off. I should explain the additional reason for the ice cream is that this is the patronal feast for one of my parishes. Lots of incense and chanting. "Observation:Once again, this poem describes the love between a man and a woman. In it's verses I find simple nuggets of truth that are also true about my relationship with Christ who is my bridegroom. This woman realized that she was loved and knew her lovers desire and affection was toward her. She knew she was first place in his life and that he wanted to be with her. Application:The word of God tells us many times that God loves us and desires relationship with us. We know that He loves us as a fact, but don't really feel it in our heart. I get a lot of advice. These are certainly appreciated, but not necessary. My friend Jon has a saying, "Advice is never needed, Smart people don't need it and stupid people won't use it. I am certain it can. I'm just getting by with a smile. So no more advice please! I may be too smart for it, or too stupid for it, but you can bet I won't use it either way. It was a good experience. Hope we can do it again sometime!. This is Kerry on the left and Shane on the right. They've still got those twinkles in their eyes and are still the most beautiful people you could hope to meet. This is one of my favorite card so far this season. I have just finished another stitchery for the Indigo quilt, which was easy and fun to do.

It is official, we have just had the wettest April since the records have been kept! Surely it must get better soon.

Not being able to do anything outside, I tried to sort out my room this weekend. I found this wallhanging I did some time ago. The stitchery is from Tilda pattern. I used this little quilt as a practise piece for machine quilting when I decided to machine quilt the Tail Feathers quilt, my first attempt on machine quilting. I will find some place to hang it now. Behold our God shall live with us And be our steadfast light And we shall ere his people be All glory be to Christ! All glory be to Christ our king! All glory be to Christ! His rule and reign will ever sing, All glory be to Christ! HT: Justin Taylor.

Fabric Added this week -.