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This is not the droid you are looking for. Ya know, I can only clean that tool box so many times before it seems to make me look "OCD". But. I love the bird getting a ride from the raccoon. It is just so sweet and a perfect card for a friend who has helped you out!Latisha has used all of the scene building elements from the set to create this adorable card! I love that the "pine for you" sentiment can work with the pine tree and the log. This is just too cute! I also adore the white on white with the die cut and the top part of the card. Amazing!Lea's card is paper piecing perfection! I adore all of the patterns she has going on here! The three layered tree is awesome, and I adore the polka dotted fox! She's adorable! I also love how she added the leaves to the log. This really shows that stamped and cut out images work so well as embellishments. They look like the store bought ones and can be perfectly coordinated to match a layout, too! These forest critters are just perfect for boy and masculine projects. I love that!Teri's card is so cool! How brilliant is it to use the Say Cheese polaroid as the card shape? I love that! She created a cute scene, and I love the dragonfly twine trail! The bow on the fox is beyond adorable! I also love the blue edging on the polaroid.

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ex. We provide you with the table of contents and abstracts: Editorial pp. It goes on to suggest elements of Charlotte’s life, especially those reflected in her youthful writing, which Gaskell did not know or chose not to represent. Here is an eloquent piece from the same software engineer/patient whose travails were covered at "A Most Interesting Patient Account of Misery by EHR. It would also be wonderful if HIT was about "saving lives". Tragically, the opposite is too often true. Poorly implemented HIT can do great harm. This training introduced successful court models that connect veterans seeking treatment to needed legal services that prevent incarceration. When asked for additional needs after this training, webinar participants overwhelmingly requested more information on engaging with partners at their local VA Medical Centers to provide legal services. m. EDT, the NCHV TA Center will host “Meeting Legal Needs of Homeless and At-Risk Veterans: VHA Programs for Justice-Involved Veterans. ” This Level II Training Webinar will feature issue-experts from the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration: Sean Clark, National Coordinator, Veterans Justice Outreach, and Jessica Blue-Howells, National Coordinator, Health Care for Reentry Veterans. Additionally, for the past four years, VHA has been providing direct outreach to veterans involved in arrests, jail incarceration, and treatment courts. Participants in this webinar will obtain a baseline understanding of the needs of justice-involved veterans and two VHA models that have been developed to assist veterans along the continuum of justice involvement. We will discuss best practices for anticipating and defusing issues that arise during regulatory review of transactions, for allocating antitrust or regulatory risk among parties, for dealing with concurrent federal and state investigations, and for coordinating media and political strategies with underlying legal strategies. This program will highlight ways to educate executives to convey their thoughts in a manner that minimizes antitrust risk. It will also outline strategies for neutralizing such documents if they already exist. Free to members of the American Association of Corporate Counsel. This was my second cook on the Char Broil infrared.

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I wanted to see if it would pass the breakfast fattie test. The same ole stuffing that I always use, I guess it's just my favorite. Fried potatoes with scallions, smoked ham, provolone and american cheese. Filled my fattie piston. chilled the stuffing while I rolled out the spicy sausage inside of a one gallon baggie. cut the baggie open and topped the sausage with my fried potato filling. It seems it is more about creativity than creation. A lesson I stress when we cover the instructional block on economic policy is that government doesn't "create" jobs. Yes, you can establish an environment which is conducive to job growth, but to "create" a job you need to expand the economy. The verb implies establishing something which was not previously there. You "create" a job when you have a requirement for additional labor. Government produces nothing, hence there is no way for government to "create" a job. Whitewashing the rocks around the courthouse is not creating a job. It isn't the cold or the heat that's so bad, it's the in-between. It's been raining since Friday, here.

I feel like people have been pounding on my knuckles with a hammer.

It's all very exciting. I've been knitting in a trance. Round and round the sock I go. I'll get photos once there's something to show. Prize Students? The US is aiding and enabling Saudi Arabia's genocidal war against Yemen while the Saudis send weaponry to the Syrian rebel groups the US has officially abandoned. Noted: Accepting the evidence on climate change “doesn’t make you liberal, it makes you scientifically literate. ” Actually, sir, you are. Look This Way: The FBI wants to develop systems that will let their agents collect identifying pictures and fingerprints of people “in the field” - without necessarily asking their subjects to pose. I wrote back saying I'd be eager to talk to him, I had hope we could solve the problem. He was at the end of his tether. e. This has been a busy weekend. I moved the fix-up projects outside because we have been having some remarkably nice weather. I managed to clear out some ferns and overgrowth in the rose garden and the rock garden. It looks better, but there is always plenty to do. While doing the yard work, I started rethinking one aspect of this move. My idea was to leave everything behind when I move south in May. I did not want to have a house and possessions that would act as a lifeline if I found the going tough in Mexico. ". VOB" QUALITY!!!.

They knew in advance what those consequences would be.

"Still, they persisted. m. ET: Fourteen people died after a pickup truck loaded with suspected illegal immigrants veered off the highway and crashed into trees in rural South Texas, authorities said.

State troopers and Goliad County sheriff's investigators were investigating Sunday's crash.

A trooper told KRIS-TV, the NBC affiliate in Corpus Christi, Tex. , that it appeared a tire on the truck blew out before the vehicle went off the road and struck two trees. Authorities said they did not immediately know the names and ages of the victims. Read the rest here. by Phil Johnsonulpit Live is currently posting transcripts from Friday morning's plenary session at last week's Shepherds' Conference. All who have written me directly have been very gracious, and I believe all of them have been sincere. MacArthur ever personally shared your concerns personally with Mark Driscoll?Yes. I explained why I thought his message at the Desiring God Conference in September left some of the most important objections to his own use of crass language unanswered. I also enumerated six specific questions that I thought would help my understanding of his position.

Mark didn't reply or acknowledge my letter until one week prior to the Shepherds' Conference.

I just had to go in to 'pester mode' "pretty please Jotje. please up date us on your latest creation. " And it worked, I know it will cost me when we see each other in September, but I think you will agree with me, that it was worth the wait. So after de-icing the car for the second time this week I called in Damian’s shop at Knott End for supper time fish then I turned my attention to a little gloved and hatted birding for an hour or two. Here's the blurb:This is a world dominated by The Wild. Man lives in pockets of civilisation claimed from The Wild.

Within men's walls life is civilised, the peace punctuated by tournaments, politicking, courtly love and canny business.

Beyond those walls men are prey - vulnerable to the exceptionally powerful and dangerous creatures which populate the land, and even more vulnerable to those creatures schemes. So when one of those creatures breaks out of The Wild and begins preying on people in their homes, it takes a specialist to hunt it down or drive it out. As I said before, my friend had her doctors appointment on Friday. She called me a bit after with bad news. She miscarried the baby.

The only thing I could say was, "Oh, wow.

" I am sad for that little life that was lost. That baby would have been loved by someone. Melody Lauer, a relatively new contributor to the Gun Nation Podcast is an instructor from Iowa. She recently put together a brilliant training session geared for parents who carry both a handgun and a baby. This is a vital training topic for concealed carrying parents who also have babes-in-arms. I hope she brings this training to a wider audience!. Toum is a traditional Lebanese garlic dipping sauce goes perfect with everything from meat to bread. Salt could be added just at the beginning or after the garlic cloves are well smashed. The mixing is done by stirring the whole in the pestle. One should keep stirring until the whole is very viscous. The olive oil will be sucked by the garlic. Oil is added again, and again stirring until oil disappears. Little by little oil is added and stirred and this way the volume of the sauce grows and its taste gets sweeter. At a certain point lemon juice is added and mixed again until you get the sauce you see in the picture. One thing to pay attention to, is not to add too much oil on one single time. Oil should be added gradually.

The sauce should stick together and stay as viscous as possible.

Only small private performances were given for close friends.

It is a favorite of music teachers and young children.

I've been really overwhelmed by all the entries this month, it's fabulous to see so many beautiful Christmas cards being created! I'm particularly surprised by how many non-bloggers are wanting to get involved in the challenge, I feel terrible that you've been left out of the fun for so long. So. I've created a second blog called Beccy's Guests. It's a place where I will upload cards from those participants who don't have a blog of their own but still want to be involved in the monthly challenges. All you have to do is email me a photo of your card and I will add it to the new blog and create a link to the challenge here. Easy!. Not only is this a cute way to hang a favorite picture, or a layout, but what about her favorite tutu when she has out grown it? That would be so cute! I used: Yummy Hemp Cord in a Pastel Set, it really doesn't get much better than this. well, unless you lay your hands on the Shimmer Satin Pastel ribbons. Good day to you!For me it's Monday evening, but to many of you the day already begins. I also used some more crocheted trim from May Arts. From the top: Jay Cutler Jaime Davila Jeremy Patterson John Terilli Jonathan De La Rosa Jose Raymond. scam-job-emails. kindly return sign copy of your Appointment Letter in order to assistus in making advance preparation regarding your Traveling Document. Assoon as we receive a copy of the sign contract letter we shall proceedwith the payment for your flight ticket and provide you with theFlight Itinerary. We await to receive Sign Appointment Letter to proceed further. .