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So, I squared off the two against each other in the back yard and let 'em have at it until one or the other came out victorious.

Okay. not really! But I did make a choice. Here is how that came about. Robert Dodson shares recently recorded audio where something got up close and personal with the recorder. Was it our hairy friend?. gatetheatre. But while his depth of field covered the entire visual space, his lighting purposefully did not, using minimal light to create a candle-like effect, allowing small pockets of light in which actors could enter at precise moments of emotion. Egg laying is upon us.

We're at that time when it's anyone's guess when the first egg will be laid.

We now know that Nottingham's peregrines have already laid their first egg, and ours can't be far behind. I think this is only the second time I've witnessed this for real, though the best video we ever captured is repeated below. I just love the way the male soars in from the right and then lands right in front of the camera. Kat saw this idea on Tatteristic's blog and thought it was a great way to display some tatting. Catherine is back from vacation where she tatted this tree topper design from the book "Tatting for Today" designed by Marion T.


The simplicity of naked chains stands out against the abundance of picots on the rings making for an effective design. Ann has a wonderful idea for a Tatting Press. a lovely little package that keeps her tatting flat and her threads untangled when not in use. Moreover, she is currently having a giveaway for one of these lovelies in the pattern of your choice. Check out the full details on her blog. Segall on the constitutionality of the use of the filibuster in the United States Senate. Mr. Bondurant will first present the legal basis for challenging the constitutionality of the filibuster. Mr. Bondurant’s presentation will then be followed by a dialogue led by Professor Eric J. Segall, an expert in constitutional law. Expanding that notion, I would also like to recognize nurses worldwide, my professional brethren with whom I am connected through our mutual dedication to service and nursing care. Nurses and other healthcare workers labor each day in refugee camps, on battlefields, at the site of natural disasters, and on the streets of cities the world over. Many blessings to my fellow nurses, and to anyone and everyone who has ever taken a moment to help another sentient being. May we all be free from suffering. Yep, it's back. It is not the start of something good. Darling, do not marry that man! Do not believe him when he tells you he loves you. Beware the dead fish eyes! Run! RUN!!Sorry, I had a moment there. I got a little exercised. The Wild Roses had fewer blooms this year as other years, perhaps I need to chop them off again. Perhaps they like a drier June. At any rate there were a few blooms to enjoy. This past weekend I watched two interesting to me movies.

It is really a Scottish Tale but Ireland was picked as the filming site…go figure.

I wondered why they didn’t cobble together some sleds and slide down out of the bad weather…but what do I know about the Andes…. other than it looked freaking cold…it was a good movie to watch on a warm afternoon. Mercifully. UPDATE: At lease, that's what she's alluding to, here. When it's officially done, no one knows. Some variation will continue to flaunt the airwaves but it be devoid of NB's awfulness.

Thank God.

Yo, Veronica: The show was a disaster. I said it numerous times. Let's check out some of what's available! Drake is a name synonymous with quality - looking at the incredible attention to detail and the sharp colors is awe-inspiring. The next time you stop in at the Attic Window Quilt Shop you might see this smiling face. I’d like to introduce you to Kathy Bagin, who will be helping out for a while at the shop. Kathy has been quilting for years. Kathy is in a Bee and said she loves wools and loves to cook. Say Hi! to Kathy the next time you visit the shop. BTW, Kathy is holding the new bag that Lee Ann made. Don’t you love it! During Happy Scrappers on Wednesday, Peggy showed her latest quilt. YouTube link. From brightness, from rain, there is grass out of the earth. It's Sunday morning. I have little voice and a fever so Emma is home taking care of me. I hate to be sick and I HATE to miss Sunday morning worship. There is such an anointing on our pastor and worship service that I don't want to miss it. But, here I sit. The Lord and I had a sweet time together earlier this morning and I just have to wonder if He allowed this sickness just for that reason.

So I'm thankful.

We give thanks to God for our amazing family, treasured friends, growing businesses and especially the little one who brightens our world. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I have a little sunset project going on.

We've had an unusually dry fall and winter which means I've been table to capture some really amazing sunsets.

But even the days that are grey and overcast, I still take time to snap a shot. This practice of making time to capture the sky every single day has really made me appreciate and look forward to such a simple pleasure! The result of this little photography project is a collection of all kinds of beautiful photos that each have very special meaning! So I decided to gather my favorites and create a gallery wall in our entry way. My plan is to add to the collection over time. Since I have so many photos to display, I didn't want to spent lots of money on framing so instead I used wood painting panels. Our opponent Dirk Anderson wrote a paper in which he tries to refute this idea, telling us that she herself admitted to having never predicted the earthquake. In his paper, he quotes the following:“Since the San Francisco earthquake, many rumors have been current regarding statements I have made. Some have reported that while in Los Angeles, I claimed that I had predicted the San Francisco earthquake and fire, and that Los Angeles would be the next city to suffer. This is not true. Mr. People donated from all over the country to help make this fine boy mine, and I do not take it for granted for a second. Some people said they wouldn't take it, but I hope the winner does. Stay tuned, and thank you again for all you do for this farm girl. Hello my friends!!!It's time to think about our garden, Spring is finally here and spend time in our garden is just the best. For that reason I want to show that lovely sweet design. . Paper model based on the Church of St.

Martin in Langenau, Germany, papercraft created by Martin Gumhold.

Church of St. I am busy baking cookies to deliver to our neighbors. The Christmas lights are on all over the house and Christmas music is playing too. I'm in my baking zone right now and enjoying every moment. Wishing you a happy day! Big Texas Hugs, Susan and Bentley. David Perry & Motorbooks have published a couple of nice pin-up books. Hot Rod Pin-Ups & Hot Rod Pin-Ups II. Enjoy, I did. I posted these cards last week of what I perceived to be the favorites in the Rookie of the Year running. I also posted a poll asking who you though should win the ROY. For the National League Kimbrel won the poll and also the Rookie of the Year award. In the AL the winner was Jeremy Helickson but I never put him on the Rookie Stars card or include him in the AL poll. photo taken by me Has it really been that long since I last posted. it seems summer has occupied my time with gardening, cooking and family. I've been looking for new fresh recipes lately and came upon this super easy and super yummy one from Lucinda Scala Quinn. I highly approve of Al Franken's new pitch. I used to be very involved in this sort of enterprise. I was out on my ass, with my job held open to provide a soft landing place for someone with clout. I was told, uh, um, er, we. et la boutique du Flamingo Hotel en charge du merchandising d'Olivia Newton-John ne vend pas les articles en dehors des USA. Happy St. Here are just a few, to give a glimpse of what we've been up to recently. The weekend before Thanksgiving, we had dinner with three other families we are friends with, all of whom live in Maryland. Two of us are homeschooling the kids, and two of us send the kids to a Catholic classical school. Needless to say, our children have all been made to memorize poetry. So it was the most heartwarming and encouraging moment for me when, after we had finished eating, the children voluntarily took turns going up to recite poems for the whole group! At one point, there was even a little scuffle as several of them began shoving each other, wanting to have the stage.

A wonderful time.

Sweet sleeping baby shot. Request Information. a window and windows get blocked by most pop up blockers. Does anyone have any idea?If it matters, I am trying to maintain access to a node. The core issue, as I indicate above, is how to account for the claims of Jesus’s postmortem appearances. I think that they are accounted for in much the same way that we account for UFOs and alien abductions, sightings of Bigfoot, homeopathic “cures,” and the innumerable visions, epiphanies, theophanies, visitations, possessions, hauntings, and so forth reported in all cultures throughout history. When Parsons lumps together these disparate phenomena, an implication of his statement, although it may be an unintended implication, is that it's arbitrary for Christians to privilege Biblical miracles but reject Bigfoot, alien abductions, &c. Although Parsons might not have had that in mind when he wrote it, I'm sure that's what he believes–given his general outlook. But that's confused. Aquilano. Rimondi Bibhu Mohaptra, via nymag. make sure to stay tuned to find out who it is. To cap the week off, we will be preparing some special Burgers for folks at Maker's Mark. marinated in guess what. I do not want you to hate me. m. , and I've already had a strenuous day, starting with my usual ten-minute jogette on the beach opposite my mother's condo, stopping periodically to look at sea birds and pick up shells. Then I rinsed myself off in the pool, which overlooks a bay on which sailboats sail and pelicans glide and which is overhung by palm trees. But it is supposed to RAIN later today, and even if it doesn't, it is uncustomarily WINDY. The pool at the condo will be empty all day, because of the wind. .