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The Daughter and I went out to lunch.

That's always fun. On this day we went to BB King's downtown on Beale Street. Neither of us had ever been to Cafe Eclectic before. We saw a sign that said to go inside to be seated on the patio. We went inside and were seated on the patio by a pleasant young man who said he would tell our waitress we were out there. It hadn't seemed that busy to us, but maybe the craziness wasn't related to an over-abundance of customers. Other customers came and went while we were there and the staff wasn't too busy to help them. A National Park Service announcement that said it would only allow the sale of fish deemed sustainable by outside groups that do not currently recognize Alaska’s fisheries as sustainable is drawing criticism from Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska. Murkowski said in a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services, General Services Administration and National Park Service that while they are relying on the Marine Stewardship Council and Monterey Bay Aquarium to determine sustainability, government policy does provide leeway to permit “other equivalent groups” to be tapped for this service. Murkowski said she has asked for a meeting to hear their explanation of how this policy was developed, “and to discuss how to ensure that federal policy on sustainability clearly recognizes seafood produced in Alaska. ” Murkowski also noted that this federal policy is “directly inconsistent” with federal guidelines that state “the government does not endorse any particular labeling or documentation system or program over another. ” The National Park Service recently introduced new sustainable food guidelines as part of its Healthy Parks, Healthy People initiative, requiring food service operators within these parks to begin offering healthy food options and to incorporate more sustainably sourced ingredients. The Alaska Constitution mandates that all fisheries in the state must be managed sustainably. Of course not. Twenty-one! It's demonic. But twenty-one?! Let's get to work, Monsanto. And this fact is not just a problem for society, which finds itself forever preparing students for the best jobs of thirty years ago, but for students on a daily basis - as they sit through hour after hour of irrelevant curriculum surrounded by irrelevant structure. " The US had, of course, been attacked before by these terrorists, in fact the World Trade Center had been attacked just eight years earlier. We clearly knew the destructive power of "ordinary things" turned into weapons. Yet, like US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan with the flood of cheating scandals tied to his high stakes testing, US society was stunned and surprised because it was not paying attention to the world, or even its own experiences. Duncan down to so many neighborhood primary schools. and, if you want to create your bar coded movie, here's the LINKMovie Barcode Generator. Mohamed Kaleem is looking forward for its congress and elections. The main aim of the academy is to gather sports and fitness professional and create an environment to enhance the education and knowledge among the people of the country. In the past the academy has conducted training courses on the areas of Personal Training, also have conducted training courses for Maldives Police Services for Police Physical Training Instructors. The academy is presently on talks with sports and fitness education providers in Australia to conducts their training courses in Maldives. The academy proudly announces to seek more members before the congress and the elections of the executive board, this congress and election will be called within the course of next two weeks. via. Anglers CP: A Ruff, on the shallows with the Lapwings, was picked up by visitors and identified by Mark Dillingham. A Pink-footed Goose was in the back field with the Canadas and then flew on to the south bank. Pink-footed Goose ACP CSwaine Wintersett Res: The male Cetti's Warbler was in the boathouse reeds. WOW, it was awesome to see so many play along with us last week! We have a super easy and fun sketch to share this week, we hope it is one you use over and over. Be sure to stop back by Tuesday evening to see if you are a contest winner! To play along, just make a project using the provided sketch and upload it to your blog or online gallery. Then leave a link to your project using the linky widget at the bottom of this post. Please use a direct link to your Mojo post and not just your blog.

Verve stamps are NOT required to participate, and you can enter as many times as you want.

As always, if you don't have a particular shape, feel free to substitute.

We all know that several unknown mummies are believed to have belonged to the royal dynasty. Last week, we wrote about King Akhenaten’s mummy which was proven to have not suffered the deformities shown by his statues. The other significant discovery was Queen Tiye’s mummy, a powerful and dominating figure who married King Amenhotep III or the “Pasha of all pharaohs. ” She made the king have sculptures of her made equal in size to those of the king, and he even constructed a luxurious palace dedicated to her in a district called Malqata in western Luxor with an artificial lake for her to walk along with its own boat made especially for her.

It is well known that by using her power and influence, Queen Tiye managed to obtain a royal decree to have her father, Yuya, and mother, Thuya, buried in the Valley of Kings, a place designated to kings alone.

The tomb was discovered almost untouched and we managed to obtain DNA samples from the mummies of Yuya and Thuya. I'm borrowing this idyllic image from mydaughter Lila, who took it when she was outon Fire Island, off the south shore of Long Island. To seemore Weekend Reflections, visit James's meme. Physical QuantitiesQuanties that can be measuredBase Quantitya physical quantity that cannot be defined in terms of other physical quantities. Scalar Quantity Physical quantities which only have magnitude onlyVector Quantity Physical quantities which have magnitude and directionAccuracy of a measurement is how close the value of a measurement to the actual value. Consistency / Precision of an instrument is the ability of the instrument to measure a quantity with little or no deviation among measurements. Sensitivity of an instrument is its ability to detect a small change in the quantity to be measured. . Because of this the Cathedral is known as "La Manquita" or "The One-Armed Lady". There are lots of other architectural delights throughout this part of the city. The market, El Mercado Central Atarazanas, was built using the grand entrance to the walled city which was constructed by the Moors. Opposite the market is a rather special bar. She is a twenty-something Latina with a recent history of heartbreak: her first love confessed to cheating on her months after their engagement, and her father succumbed to cancer only a few weeks later. These events have made Cris quietly bitter and openly jaded about love and the possibility of finding happiness. Because she is an inherently strong woman with a low tolerance for pity, she hides her pain behind her sunny smile and acerbic wit. In private, she suffers recurring nightmares centered on her fear of being alone. And why should I care? This is all tell, no show. Show us what Cris is like.

This reads like an intake report of some kind.

There's no voice, no spark here. This is where I'd stop reading in a query letter. One ordinary Sunday, she volunteers to take her cousins to a celebrity autograph signing. While there, she inadvertently attracts the attention of the young actor Tom Abramson. The Stamp Review crew is featuring the set Flower Shop today. I took two of the floral designs and stamped them randomly on a sheet of paper in Versa mark and then embossed them in white. I brushed Pear Pizzazz, Blushing Bride, Soft Sky and Daffodil Delight over the flowered sheet and then wiped off the excess ink. I ended up with two totally different looking cards! Then it was a matter of finding a sentiment to fit into an open space on the panel! A few sequins for sparkle and I was done! I am sure the rest of the Stamp Review Crew have some wonderful ideas to share with you using this set. You are right on track if you visited Martha Inchley before me! Now head on over to Artisan Sue Plote's blog to see what wonderful things she has in store!. Last week I only got out one day because of our traveling, so I'm not going to count that week. This morning went well - it was nice and cold early this a. m. and I was thankful for Matt's wrap-around ear covers from his college days. I'm still sticking to the run one minute/walk one minute routine - my body isn't ready for the run two minutes/walk one minute routine quite yet. But I'm start to really enjoy getting out there, can you believe it?. I can't believe I did this after all the years of hearing my father say, "Damn the people that write on the front of pictures!". When I was a kid, I would see the face of my uncle and I would wonder what those tiny little black dots were. Most of it was on his nose. I would then go to the mirror and I would stare at my face for hours and hours, trying to spot those little black dots. To my disappointment, I would give up and just go to sleep. I know well that those black dots are blackheads on my nose now that I am older, and I wish them all gone. I am now fixing my facial care regimen and writing tips down on how to get rid of blackheads on your nose. No matter how many times you try to prick all of these pesky little black dots from your face, you will never get to remove them all if you do not religiously follow these easy steps to get rid blackheads on your nose. People always notice these blackheads if I don't remove them. Let's start with my first tip on how to remove blackheads on your nose. Tip number one is to try to go to your dermatologist before doing anything with your face. Ness papercraft created by Paperlegend. Tinker Bell paper toy created by Julius Perdana. Pixar UP Carl's House PapercraftDisney Cruise Line - Sailor Mickey PapercraftDisneyland Paris - Sleeping Beauty Castle Papercraft. Ever since I created the Hotlist a decade ago, there is one thing that never changed. As you know, I have a reading list that I usually post once a year. But today, instead of posting that same old list, I've decided to post a number of SFF novels/series that I feel remain criminally unread. Artisan Caius Crispus receives a summons from the emperor and sets off on a journey toward the Imperial city. But before Crispin can reach Sarantium, with its taverns and gilded sanctuaries, chariot races and palaces, he must pass through a land of pagan ritual and mysterious danger. "I don't know who said that novelists read the novels of others only to figure out how they are written. I believe it's true. One way to classify religions is by how they address the question of death and the afterlife. Indeed, it's sometimes said, with tolerable exaggeration, that death is why religion exists in the first place. Hinduism espouses reincarnation. I think the notion of reincarnation is one of the few things that's as bad as atheism.

The notion that you're condemned to repeatedly start a new life all over again, with a new set of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, childhood friends, adult friends, spouse, sons, daughters, &c, only to lose everything time and again, is truly hellish.

Buddhism inherits reincarnation from Hinduism. Buddhism is all about transience, so reincarnation doesn't really belong in Buddhism. Many pagan religions practice some form of ancestor worship, like necromancy. To some extent, today's libertarians are yesterday's liberals. Of course, liberals were always enamored with big gov't. the American Library Association, and the old ACLU, &c. But we've seen a sea-change in liberalism. Now, there were always cracks in the liberal dam. But in some measure this came into tension with the civil rights movement, because it was politically easier to do an end-run around the democratic/legislative process by going to the courts. Firelord has been duped by the villainous Eric the Red, also of the Shi'ar, into trying to capture Lilandra for him. Timing is everything, as Lilandra shows up right smack in the middle of Jean's family get-together.

This three-year old son of Not For Love has just one win in ten starts this year, and not a layoff line to be seen since he started his busy campaign in May.

Whatsmore, after putting away the pacesetter, Not Abroad gamely held off the Toddster-trained Alma d'Oro, who could very well be the favorite here himself, before succumbing to the winner. Not positive that this is his best distance. But I think he has a distinct class edge which would make him very good value at his morning line odds. I want to show you another way to use your copic markers that is easy and a lot less work than colouring a stamped image from scratch. As most of us would know, there is a huge range of beautiful patterned paper out there just waiting for the creative souls among us to rip it, ink it, trim it, adhere it, stitch it, fold it, emboss it. and enhance it's pattern with copics!Firstly, find a patterned paper that has a large print, such as flowers, leaves, hearts, etc. , preferably without too much shading, as that's the enhancing part of this tutorial. I made apple pies for Mabon. I love making pies but once you slice into a big one, they don't look too good. Plus, everyone seems to love having their own little pie. I made a pate brisee pastry. state that the Iraqi War was going to be paid for and that he brought over a bunch of dinar from Iraq?” There are two answers to this. No he did not. And it’s not provable. But it has nothing to do with our investment. Absolutely nothing at all. So we want to be as sure as we can about out investment…what do you do? You go back to parliament. .