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How about "Patchwork Pines"? It's for all those customers in snow country.

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I hope as many people as possible can join in.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you all. Full details are here. I stole this idea from another blog that I follow. This gal has two sets of twins and on the fourth of every month she takes a picture of her 'four on the fourth. ' I thought I would try doing the same. I remembered on the night of the fourth that I was going to do this, so please enjoy these photos from the fifth.

Let's just pretend, ok?! Four small children is challenging.

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Yes like everyone else my generation I was hooked to all those Pizza brands but one that I most loved was Sicillian.

It was a small outlet in our cafeteria at work and they knew how to really bake the pizza base and the topping perfectly this while others used readymade pizza bases. Recently I was browsing thru two recipe books actually I was just enjoying the pictures when I spotted a recipe for a thin crust dough. I just need to try it and it was so good I though I'd share it with you here. We, that's Dad and me insist on crisp pizzas, limp will not do for us. So this recipe looked promising. Also I decided to try new toppings along with a standard veggie pizza of Tomato and black olives, dependable as it is. More Brick Lane. She made her dress herself. When you see me sewing, you will see a jelly beans tin right by me.

You might think, “Oh Dita, you must really like to snack when you sew!” Well, I wish that tin was filled with jelly beans goodness.

How disappointed will you be when I show you what’s inside the tin? This actually works really well, it keeps all the pins in one place. However, I want a pin cushion! Well, I guess a solution for that is to make one. But, this is simple enough that you can make the pin cushion in any shape and size that you want. Just follow along and modify as you go. .