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I say "seem to" because up until recently, I hadn't realized this about myself.

But now that I put all the pieces together, I realize that it's true: I don't need characters to be likable in order to appreciate something, and not because I'm just that awesome, or anything.

It's because likability is sort of like outer space, for me: I am aware that it's there, and if someone points to a constellation, I can nod and acknowledge its existence, but it's not like I'm walking around with a crick in my neck because I'm always staring at the sky. Catch my drift? For example: I loved Inception. We were lucky to have Jen, Andy and the boys join us for Easter dinner. The boys had some “together” time as they hunted for Easter eggs and baskets. Yes, they are tied together, teamwork will reap the sweet rewards. Little Elvis and Miss Miney thought it was great fun as the boys hopped through the yard. Here they are handsome as ever with their baskets. A peep into a basket! We had a wonderful dinner: ribs, baked potato, corn and homemade crescent rolls. Jen made her signature carrot cake, let me tell you it was really yummy! During dinner I asked the boys a question. Noah answered “early to mid thirties when I am financially stable. ”. The big question now is - how will the whole thing end up? What's going to be the 'destiny' of all the characters and will they get what they've been wanting? Who else will die? Will we get a detailed, 'tied-up-nicely' finale, or something more layered and open to interpretation? Well, we won't have to wait too long to find out. explorefcf. The purpose of these letters is to evaluate, critique, and present truth claims as they relate to God.

Also, to keep the body of Christ up to date on apologetic happenings.

Explorefcf. The updates will consist of website additions, articles, and book reviews/previews. oh My dear Nieces. I'm happy they give me the opportunity to take pictures of them to Scrapbook. If you think the oil situation is bad, wait. Keeping score: Over half of Nigeria's oil production is shut due to strikes and militant attacks. Half of Great Britain's output is idled due to a strike. Piggy Bank: Standard & Poor do not view the need for a bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as "imminent". You might start putting your loose change in a jar. Medical Marvels: The oil-rich Middle East is too rich for its own good. Diabetes, once unheard of among the desert dwellers, is pandemic. lovely!. Because someone was throwing gravel at my bedroom window. Someone from the Hostel Club. I'd heard about the Hostel Club soon after I enrolled at Yorktown High, in tenth grade. When they had their first meeting of the year, I summoned the gumption to check it out. This was a club devoted to hiking, and bicycling, and canoeing, and camping, and staying in youth hostels. And jollity. I had found the social scene intimidating since sixth grade, but so did these people. THERE IS ONE BIG FLAW in the age-old age advice that anyone wishing to buy a boat should get a professional survey first. A problem arises if you are choosing between several boats for sale. You can’t afford to shell out hundreds of dollars for full-scale surveys on every boat you look at. The answer is what I call the pre-survey survey. I should confess that the age-old advice has never worked with me.

Of the five major boats I’ve owned, not one was professionally surveyed before I bought it.

I don’t know whether I have a special talent for sorting out the winners from the losers, or whether I’ve just been plain lucky, but I never regretted any of those purchases. But you can save money by doing your own pre-survey survey. You can head on over to the shop for more details HERE. We were living in Colorado, she was walking fine, working full time, and we were trying to figure out what the next phase of our life would be. Life was hard as we established a new business from the ground up, but we noticed over time that my wife's health was not cooperating. Little did we know that the next year and half would be a journey of us trying to figure out how to help my wife as she lost feeling in her left side and started having more and more issues we thought were MS related. We tried all kinds of things while we were in Dallas/Fort Worth, but we couldn't seem to find anything that helped my wife with her numbness, fatigue, foggy brain, stomach issues or walking issues. Put your best foot forward and put on your best red outfit! Support women across the nation this month by wearing red! Go red my friends! Support the American Heart Association. xoxo. By Frank Turk What I ain't got: I ain't got a post this week. I am working on the barn-burner of posts about a topic Dan and I have been tweeting about for weeks, but it ain't ready today. What I do got:. I thought I would take a few minutes and talk about a couple of the little things we've managed to cross off our list this week. First off, deck. YAY! So all that remains of the entire deck project, is the fascia on the lower deck, which only involves two sides. What kind of woman proudly declares her desire to kill her own baby and demands that you pay for it? This is one of the most disturbing things I've witnessed in a long time. Sad and pathetic women acting out their part as useful idiots. More at Zombie: “Unite Against the War on Women” march, Los Angeles. Inspirational Quote of the Day:"The past cannot be changed.

The future is yet in your power.

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The caveman/dinosaur shows looked educational enough to satisfy the establishment, but had enough action and sci-fi to hold the kids attention.

DC made a few attempts to cash in on this short-lived craze. These are the best toy patterns that I have found anywhere. Pattern. Today's featured products are: Paper Clippings: Congratulations and Dress Up Dolls: Superhero. I die-cut the clipping from white card stock, then used Paper Clippings: Congratulations stamps to add color to the stars and the little pieces of confetti. Well, I've seen enough. This weeks theme at CCT is Use a Sentiment.

I have used one of my new Tim Holtz Crazy Birds stamps which I coloured with Distress Markers.

The background is made with Distress Inks and I added an old Magnolia sentiment. I am so excited to share with you the beautiful ribbons and supplies from Really Reasonable Ribbon and the wedding gift box or favor for a wedding or wedding shower that I made today. It didn't take me much time to make this wedding gift bow. Really Reasonable Ribbon has a nice selection of colors of the Silky Crush ribbon and I love how this ribbon was easy to use to make this bow.

I love using this Scor-Tape for all of my bows and ribbons since it is easy to take the bow off of the tape or arrange the ribbon of the bow and reapply it onto the Scor-Tape that was stuck to the paper.

Dennis from photos by Per Bernal. I feel like this is my two thousandth post of Dennis but he photos so well and looks so damned good. Funny thing about this is without proof of who is right and who is wrong, we ultimately end up with a stalemate. Therefore, we are SOULS…. Brilliant Posts by people like Mike Quinsey and Pat have beaten my posts to the punch on several occasions where they brilliantly spell out very clearly that we have lived many lives in many different bodies as many different ethnic people. As such, we are no more liable for or forever linked to any specific RACE/ETHNIC GROUP. .