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Supplies from Close to My Heart-Colonial White CS, Chocolate CS, Twilight CS, Twilight ink, Chocolate ink, Font, foam squares, edge distresser, thread, Star Struck Stamp Set, It's a Party Stamp Set.

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See you later. Today is my turn to post in the Verve Stamps "Kid At Heart" Project Parade. If you haven't tuned in yet to the parade so far, be sure to visit the Verve Stamps blog. There are some really darling project ideas!I've created a little project inspired by my son's elementary school.

I love his school's Caught Being Kind program, where teachers can award children who go above and beyond normal good manners and kindness, and the children who are caught have their names read on the next morning's announcements.

Sound familiar? I'm thinking Caught Being Kind would be a great program to try at home as well. I made the sourdough again so I guess it is time to give you the recipe. It turned out great the second time too. I would still like this to be a bit sourer and I will keep experimenting and will update you with any changes I make. The Blog Tech told me this morning that no matter how sour it is or isn't, it is his favorite bread. Each time I have offered these to someone, as soon as they bite into them, they make yummy noises. of the starter and put it in the bowl of your mixer. I am using weights rather than measures because it gives me the exact mixture I am looking for. Feed the remaining starter and let it sit again for several hours and then refrigerate it. Flying the flag! Mike Wild and his belt-drive Triumph Model H, chuffing across America's expansive heartland. Buckskin township, Ohio. If your motorcycle went bust, is the remainder of the event a ride of shame, a holiday spent watching your friends achieve glory, or an opportunity for an unexpected holiday? Folks took each path, some trucking their broken bikes home, spending a week on a different vacation, and returning to meet us at the finish. Some simply disappeared. It is very important to assist me and cooperate fully with what is stated and needed. Transparency is vital and to get the preliminary work done is vital. If there is currency or bond or boxes yet to be submitted - please do so quickly. The door will close very shortly. Intermediaries and Asset Owners/Holders after submitting bonds and currency have mostly conducted yourself with patience and a professional manner with this process that at times seems unending and turbulent. This has been and continues to be ongoing with Gag order on the final dates, yet it is knocking at the door and thus this note to you and I have been given permission to write you. For those owners and intermediaries who have submitted packages - I am told as one of a few intake agents - that due diligence has preliminarily been done on the submitted packages. .